Coaches Team

The Ace of SABA

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Head Coach

Coach Xylon

We assist athletes in developing to their full potential. We are responsible for training athletes in badminton by analyzing their performances, instructing them in relevant skills and by providing encouragements.

We are also responsible for the guidance of the athlete in life and their chosen sport.


Senior Coach

Coach Brian

I want my team to be more detached from the wins and losses and be more focused on doing the little things well. When you focus on getting the win, it can suffocate you, especially during the playoffs when the pressure gets thick.

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Senior Coach

Coach Kai Sin

As a coach of Shuttle Ace Badminton Academy (SABA). Student's results and enjoyment is always our first concern,and we are trained to do this well.


Senior Coach

Coach Sufyan

For me win or lose isn't the most important thing. If you know why you lose, what are your mistakes and learn from the mistake. And we will come back stronger in next match.


Senior Coach

Coach Yao Rong

To me a successful Badminton coach not only teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques but also the philosophies in life.



Coach Yi Yun

My main focus as a badminton coach is to help athletes manage their stress and focus on the big picture. As we believe that a good coach can change a game but a great coach can change a life.



Coach Jabez

My main focus as a badminton coach is to nurture and guide the students to their fullest potential and help them perform to the best of their ability. I truly believe that with hard work and effort, success will be achieved.



Coach Jolene

The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled. Every time I coach the words come in mind "First master the fundamentals."



Coach Hui Xuan

Most people get excited about games, but I’ve got to be excited about practice, because that’s my classroom.



Coach Jerrel

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

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Coach Wan Ni

Good coaching may be defined as the development of character, personality and habits of players, plus the teaching of fundamentals and team play.



Coach Sim Soon

I think the most important thing about coaching is that you have to have a sense of confidence about what you're doing