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Badminton Shuttlecock Camp

Looking for a holiday camp this June?


Private Badminton Lesson

- Provided upon your request

- Court Fees and shuttlecocks

  will be included

- Flexible Training duration​

- Venue and Time slot

  will be based on your preference

- Customised training program

Private Training Fee 

(Head Coach)

(1 to 1):         $100/hour

(1 to 2):         $110 for 2 Students/hour

(1 to 3):         $120 for 3 Students/hour

(Senior Coach)

(1 to 1):         $80/hour

(1 to 2):         $90 for 2 Students/hour

(1 to 3):         $100 for 3 Students/hour


(1 to 1):         $70/hour

(1 to 2):         $80 for 2 Students/hour

(1 to 3):         $90 for 3 Students/hour

Why Private Coaching?

- Fully Customized lessons to achieve your goal

We will plan and customise the training methods that will suit your needs and ensure your consistent progress in order to hit your targets for private training. You will have full attention from the coach, who will guide you every step of the way and provide support in areas that you would like to strengthen. 

- Venue and Time slot of your preference 

No suitable group class for you? Or no group class at your area? No worries!

We can arrange a private class for you based on your preferred venue and time slot! Choose private badminton coaching as we offer full flexibility for your convenience.

- Competitive Players

We highly recommend private lessons for players who have a specific goal they want to meet. They would also enjoy full privacy and targeted attention from their coach. Usually, we would recommend a 2 hours training session for competitive players. 

Competitive Players will be advised to take at least one private lesson and one group lesson in a week, to ensure the progress of the player.

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