Parents Agreement (Competitive Team)

Dear Parents,                                                                


Welcome to Shuttle Ace Badminton Academy, I am Coach Xylon, Head Coach of Shuttle Ace Badminton Academy.


My goal as a coach is to guide your child toward success and to build up good character that will help him/her blossom into adulthood. Beside our coaches doing our part to keep your child safe, improve and enjoy. We needed your help to agree with the parents agreement so that we can ensure your child excel not only skill.


  1. Respect all decisions made by coaches, referees and officials.

  2. Remember that children are involved in sports for their enjoyment not yours.

  3. Be a role model to supporting your child.

  4. Do not coach your child in games or training.

  5. Respect the right of all players.

  6. Applaud effort and hard work as well as success.

  7. Avoid criticizing any player on the pitch or at training.

  8. Encourage your children to play according the rules.

  9. Do not force your child to participate in sport.

  10. Do not shout or criticism players if they make a mistake.

  11. Do not be rude towards players,other parents,coaches and officials.

  12. Applaud the opposition as well as your own team.







    Coach Xylon                 

 (Coach Signature)