At Shuttle Ace your child safety is always our first concern, as without playing the sports safely. The kids might end his/her sports journey early.

Below are the precautions we will doing to make a safe environment for your child's training.

  • Stretching/Warm Up

    • We will ensure your kids are proper stretchered and warmed up before entering the court for match or training.

    • A warm up is to ensure your muscle and joint are prepared for further action and movements.

    • Stretching is to minimize the risk of potential muscle pulls and strains. It also gets the ankles, knees and other joints prepared for strenuous activity.

  • Court

    • ​The indoor badminton court should not have any obstructions like water, gravel and uneven floor.

    • **By we ensuring the kid's safety we will also recommend parents to get a proper badminton shoe. 

  • Equipment

    • Badminton racket is a must for every student to bring their own.

    • **Please do not get the shorter racket for your kids​.

    • **By we ensuring the kid's safety we will also recommend parents to get a proper badminton shoe.

  • Technique

    • Our Coaches will make sure they taught the kids in the proper way to play shots to limit the chances of suffering wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries.

    • Holding the racket wrongly while playing may result in finger fracture, muscle strain. Using rackets that are too light or too heavy may also cause elbow inflammation.

  • Cool Down

    • A cool down is a must at the end of training and match. It include of light jog and gentle stretching. The aim is to gradually slow down your heart rate and minimize the risk of muscle soreness.


**If You are unable to get the gear for your kid you may ask the coach to help.

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