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At Shuttle Ace, your child's safety is always our top priority. This is because without playing the sports in a safe manner, the kids might have to end his/her sports journey early.

Below are the precautions we will making to ensure a safe environment for your child's training.

  • Stretching/Warm Up

    • We will ensure your kids are properly stretched and warmed up before entering the court for matches or training sessions.

    • Warming up ensures that your muscles and joints are more prepared for further action and movements.

    • Stretching will minimise the risk of potential muscle pulls and strains. It also gets the ankles, knees and other joints prepared for strenuous activity.

  • Court

    • ​The indoor badminton court should not have any obstructions like water, gravel and uneven floor.

    • **To ensure your kid's safety, we will also recommend that parents get a pair of proper badminton shoes for them.

  • Equipment

    • Bringing badminton racket is compulsory for every student.

    • **Please do not get the shorter racket for your kids​.

    • **To ensure your kids' safety, we will also recommend parents to get a pair of proper badminton shoes.

  • Technique

    • Our Coaches will make sure that they teach the kids the proper way to play their shots to limit the chances of suffering wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries.

    • Holding the racket wrongly while playing may result in finger fractures and muscle strains. Using rackets that are too light or too heavy may also cause elbow inflammation.

  • Cool Down

    • A cool down is a must at the end of trainings and matches. It is inclusive of a light jog and gentle stretching. The aim is to gradually slow down your heart rate and minimise the risk of muscle soreness.


**If You are unable to get the gear for your kid, you may ask the coach for assistace.

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