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Self-Discipline is the most exasperating thing for parents to teach their children. But do not fret! We have a few tips/ways for kids to learn how to be Self-Disciplined.

  • Children will follow your example, not your advice.

    • If He/She did not show the right attitude during training, we will strongly encourage parents to play with their kid more often! Most of the kids will enjoy the sports more when parents are involved in the sport too.​

  • Set a Goal

    • Set a goal for your kid and work TOGETHER with him/her.​

    • Encourage or praise your child if he/she reaches a milestone in their badminton journey.

  • Explain the reason behind the rule 

    • Instead of saying, “You have to run faster to smash because I said so,” explain the reason why. Say, “It’s a good chance for you to attack and get a point, as your opponent have not recovered from the previous shot. It can also help to break your opponent's confidence.”

  • Consequences (Natural Consequences and Logical Consequences)

    • ​Natural Consequences

      • If  the child forgets to bring his/her racket, he/she might have to stand aside to watch the other children play.

      • If they forget to bring their water bottle, he/she might have to rush to the water cooler and drink while others can hydrate at the resting area.​

    • Logical Consequences

      • If a child is careless with his/her racket, we will​ confiscate the racket and he/she will have to stand aside and watch the whole training.​​

  • A Reward System

    • We strongly encourage this in our teaching system. (e.g. if he/she is able to get into the quarter finals or get 10 points when playing against their coach, he/she will get a new pair of Badminton Shoes, Grips or a Jersey from us.) *depends on their needs

After you have read through our Self-Discipline teaching methods, I would like to request parents to take a look at the Parents Agreement (Competitive Team).

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