Our training programs is design for you or your child from our experience as we do not believe in using one method to teach all kind of players. Beside we doing our part of job we also hope those parents who are serious about their child's badminton career to have a look of Parents Agreements (Competitive)


Our Coaches are confident in coaching different type of student and playing style as we often to have coaches exchange with other country coach (e.g Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan).

Basic Skill

  • Gripping of racket

    • Forehand

    • Backhand

  • Forehand High Serve

    • A good high serve can prevent your opponent to do an attacking shot towards you​.

  • Clearing (Lobbing - Base Line to Base Line)

    • ​Lob properly and your opponent won’t be able to return a powerful shot.

    • If your clear sends the shuttle to your opponent’s baseline, it’s considered a “good” clear. 

  • Drop Shot

    • It is a soft shot performed at the Rear Court.

    • It travels down and land at your opponent’s front court.

  • Net Shot

    • Force your opponent to lift the shuttle high for you.

    • If you can play a good spinning net shots, you may straight away win a point from it.


A Good Lob


Good Net Shot